martedì 26 agosto 2008

Just.. a few confused lines

Ok so, here there is my first post!
Why this blog? I really don't know... I felt like having one, putting on it my favourite pictures, my ideas, my favourite sentences... my feelings.
All you have to learn about me are my interests and my hobbies.
I like reading..yes I like reading a lot. I mostly read novels, like classicals... and modern ones as well. I get to read novels properly only in summer though, when I am not busy with school.
Ouch school! I have an insane aversion to it. It's not beause I don't feel like studying and stuff.
I mean, I like studying.. I like learning new things... But most of the times school downplays my enthusiasm, and I have to study beautiful subjects and lessons superficially. Anyways, I don't feel like "criticize" the hard school system I am in as now, so.. Except books, I like films.
As now, I am only a beginner... I mean.. I am nearly ignorant about good movies, but I am getting to learn about! What else? Oh yeah, I like meeting new people, specially those ones with interests similar to mines! So, if somebody is reading this... improvized post, feel free to write me!
I almost forgot: I like listening to music as well... I might not be an expert...but I mostly like Rock music.
Till now, I was undecided if write down few lines about me ( like my name, my age, my country...) But.. would it really matter?
I guess no.
I'll write them down the same though, if you are interested.
My name is Francesca, I am 16 and I live in Italy.

That's all so far.

see you!


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