sabato 28 febbraio 2009

A Clockwork Orange

It is not so easy to talk about a novel I guess.
I like reading i mean, but, when I am asked if I liked a novel or not, I end up answering an ordinary: " Yeah it was beatutiful", " yes it was interesting", " no i didn't like it".

Okay, it doesn't work like that. First of all, it is kinda wrong to ask if you LIKED or not a novel.
I may be exagerated, but, "liking a novel" sounds so "limitative". Novels ( good ones I mean), are simply PURE ART. You may like something or not, but it is a secondary thing I guess.
So, now, I am going to try to talk about a special novel, saying something more than "beautiful, nice, horrible", I will try at least .

Most of you, should have heard about a Clockwork orage, Kubrick's famous movie.

Yeah, this movie is something incredible, but it is inspired to a novel written by Anthony Burgess. Okay, I watched the movie before reading the novel, I have to admidt, still, reading that novel was something much more fantastic than watching the movie.

I'll explain better.

Just try to imagine a novel all written in the odd language of Alex ( I had to read some pages twice!).

Reading A clocwork orange left something inside me.

Alex is the personification of Evil, he loves to be bad with others. Still, I couldn't avoid to feel compassion toward him. If acting as Alex is bad and wrong, trying to impose your mentality, your stright laws, your blind punishments on others is even worse. Alex is shut up in prison, for 14 long years, still, this penality is not just so eavy to stand. The real injustice happens with the Ludovico cure. Alex is obligated to follow the so called way of Good: he can't beat people, rape women, just acting in a bad way any more, otherwhise he feels an immeasurable physic pain, called by him a "slow death". I got impressed, I got shocked indeed.
Good is only when chosed, not when imposed.
Except this, think about what Alex says.
Every body wonders what the cause of evil is, still, nobody wonders what the cause of Good is. Yeah, this is the way our society works. Alex is great because he choses to be bad with a shiny consciousness. His behaviour is much more laudable than that of the common person chosing Good when obligated to. Still, Alex is not a destruction machine, he is able to feel emotions, he is human I mean. He has his own language, he loves listening to classical music.

In fact, according to a psicanalitic interpretation of a Clockwork orange, Alex symbolizes the human primordial status, a sort of unconscious. He is innocent, pure, free from conventional laws, conditionings. Ludovico cure, symbolizes the process of intregration in the human society.
For istance, in the final part of the novel, Alex is metaphorically fed by the governator.

That's what I think about this wanderful novel. I excuse for my bad english (probably you would have given up reading this before finishing it all) I chosed english in order that everyone could understand what I said... anyways!

Hope not to have been pathethic, boring, ordinary : P

See you


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